Head Lights---  I have had a lot of BH owners asking about headlights. KD Lamp Company made these lights but they are no longer available. Several of us BH owners have seen these chrome vintage fog lights on EBay and thought with some red paint would be a good replacement. I picked up a pair yesterday so I could compare them with a NOS head light I had. (Just a reminder- all of the early model series used the KD head light with a chrome ring- the last BH sold used these solid red headlights) the pictures below will give you a good comparison of the two. The exterior is the right size and has the same look. There are a few differences- bottom screw in area that holds the ring on are slightly different- the chrome headlight has the black ground wire and the nos does not- the light bulbs are different- glass lens design is close enough. If you are searching for headlights I believe it's a good substitute for the original. I found mine at a local car performance shop for $30 each. The chrome ring will fit the original headlights- but the screw hole for the ring will not match up with the base.

I just received this crate of old Bush Hog HD-12 and JB Sundstrand Hydrogears and transaxles. These style of hydrogears were also used in the 1968-1970 John Deere 140's. Any of the serial number 30,000 or under tractors used this style transaxle and gear pump. There are some differences in the set up, since Sundstrand built these products for each companies needs. I will be selling some of the hydrogears separately. I am told new parts are no longer available, so you may want to have one on hand as a spare.

A year or so ago, I had learned from a good dealer friend, that some Bush Hog garden tractors had come with Craftsman motors on them. Since that time, I have been looking for tractors with these motors to have proof of this information. 3 weeks ago I made a trip up to the southern MA/RI area to pick up some BH tractors I had bought back over a year ago. The D4-12 and a V4-7 were both models I wanted for my collection. Once I was back in NC and had a chance to unload the tractors, I made a surprising discovery. I was checking model numbers on the D4-12 motor as it was not mounted on the tractor. When I compared it to another D4-12 I had recently bought, the Tecumseh HH120 motors were different. Hmmm.......I started to think that maybe this was an incorrect motor for this tractor. But upon further inspection and confirmation from Daniel (olcowhand), it was confirmed that this motor did have the correct crank to receive the auto style clutch assembly. Then when I started looking the motor over, I found a Craftsman decal, under the red paint. I immediately contacted my dealer friend and asked, "what model were these craftsman motors in?" He confirmed it was the D4-12 models. I then looked at the registry to see if other early model D4-12 had this same HH-120 model number. Sure enough the other early models did. We keep learning new things every day about our Hogs! I am thinking serial numbers 100 through somewhere around 150 had these motors. Please check yours and let me know.

I will try to post all new info here. Keep coming back to see what has changed!



MODELS AVAILABLE DURING THAT TIME: T-63, D4-7, D4-10, D4-12, V3-6, V4-7, V4-8, V4-10, HD-10, HD-12, JBI, JBII